Shape Shifting

March 20th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

Passive House in the Woods and Garage

The exterior shape of house and garage are now near complete. What we are missing is the exterior insulation package, which will add almost one foot to the overall size of the house. The front entry area will also be sheltered by a canopy roof and side wall structure. All in all however, this image gives us a first glimpse at the final geometry of the two buildings side-by-side.

The garage is built using conventional stick-frame construction. We are using advanced stick-framing to reduce the amount of FSC certified wood. The shell is clad with an exterior grade gypsum sheathing. This is the more common substraight for exterior finish and insulation systems.

There will be two east-facing garage doors, and a south-facing side door. This is the only access to the house. There is no interior door connecting the two structures, to avoid both thermal disruptions, as well as a potential for interior air pollution from exhaust gases in the garage.

On top of the garage, the flat roof will be filled with sedums, planted in a tray system. This will minimize storm water run-off and create a more pleasant view from the roof top terrace up above. Remaining run-off is slated to be captured in rain barrels for use on site.


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