Mini Series Part 2: Site Integration

May 11th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

We worked with Laurie McRostie (Landscape Architect) to learn from the land, to discover its natural patterns and vegetation, and to subsequently site a house and garage in the most benign way possible. We maximized passive solar heat gains in the winter, and looked for deciduous tree cover to help shade in the summer. We took advantage of stunning views and enhanced them with strategically placed windows, floor plans, and a roof top terrace that take advantage of them. Laurie’s master plan calls for fruit trees, vegetable patches, and other foods to be grown on site. Gary had us design a root-cellar underneath the garage to store root vegetables in the winter. The sustainable living aspect goes well beyond the building itself, yet it is reflected in its design and was part of the discussions we had all along.

Tomorrow: Highlight #3: Assembly Design


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