Progress Report

June 15th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian
Passive House in the Woods entry facade

Entry facade on June 5

Passive House in the Woods living room with sheet rock

Living room with sheet rock

Passive House in the Woods kitchen and dining area

Kitchen and dining area with sheet rock (and Josh Crenshaw)

Passive House in the Woods master bedroom view

Master Bed Room window and view

The rough-in stage is now nearly complete. Sheet rock is going up all throughout—actual rooms are starting to emerge from the rough look that has become so familiar in recent weeks. With most mechanical systems completed or well under way, the end is now more in sight than ever. The last shop drawings are going through the review process now, allowing for construction of cabinets and exterior structures. The next few weeks are going to reveal the interior design package that Christine Frisk and Erin Heikkinen of InUnison Design have been working on, as well as the lighting scheme that Carol Chaffe of Chaffee Associates designed.


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