5/21/2010: Construction Tour Slideshow

5/12/2010: Ventilation system

Passive House in the Woods ventilation system HD from Tim Eian on Vimeo.

5/4/2010: Roof progress tour

5/4/2010: Explanation of parapet wall construction

5/4/2010: Roof mounting system for the solar thermal and photovoltaic arrays

2/16/2010: Stacking the ICF parapet wall

2/16/2010: Garage progress tour

2/4/2010: Pouring the ICF upper level walls

1/28/2010: Stacking the ICF upper level walls

1/28/2010: Main level progress tour

1/28/2010: Basement progress tour

1/13/2010: Leveling for the footings

12/17/2009: Stacking and pouring the ICF basement walls

12/02/2009: Pre-construction site tour