Mini Series Part 3: Assembly Design

May 12th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

As Passive House designers, we are concerned with air-tightness and insulation value, as well as indoor environmental quality, hygrothermal performance, embodied energy, and green interior design. We selected construction methods and materials that combine highest performance with durability, robustness, and reasonable environmental impact. We preferred local product where suitable, and specialized product as needed to meet performance and aesthetic goals–always with a focus on the client’s vision, sustainable design, and the greater good.

Passive House performance is in the details. We meticulously defined air-barrier, vapor barrier, and insulation thickness at any junction, and made sure that they are continuous throughout.

Careful assembly design and detailing plays a huge roll in high-performance buildings. This is our specialty and we bring years of experience to this process. During the construction process, we assist the general contractor with site observations to help see details all the way through production. After all, it is on the job site where the performance is built.

Passive House in the Woods continuous insulation below the slab

Continuous insulation below the basement slab

Passive House in the Woods, air and vapor barrier at basement slab

Sealed air and vapor barrier below the basement slab

Passive House in the Woods, basement slab

Finished basement slab

Tomorrow: Powered by Electricity?


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