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Facade revealed

August 28th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

This weekend marks a milestone in the build of the Passive House in the Woods. For the first time, the EIFS facade is revealed after months of “the cooler” (white EPS), and a short stint of lots of scaffolding.


Save the Dates: Open House & Event Calendar

August 27th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

Passive House in the Woods, Front Elevation

  • Blower Door Test with Gary Nelson from the Energy Conservatory: 9/4/2010, 10 AM
    Please RSVP: 612-203-1629 (Tim Eian)
  • Midwest Home Magazine Open House: 9/18/2010, 1 – 4 pm
    Open to the public
  • Morr Construction & TE Studio Event: 9/24/2010, 4 – 7 pm
    Please RSVP to
  • American Standard Event featuring fixtures by American Standard, Jado and Porcher: 9/30/2010, 4 – 7 pm
    Details to be announced
  • MRES Solar Tour: Saturday, 10/2/2010, 10 am – 5 pm
    Open to the public
  • Caring for Creation / Alliance for Sustainability Event: 10/10/2010, afternoon
    Details to be announced
  • Energy Event with Enhanced Home Systems, Energy Concepts and Carol Chaffee: 10/14/2010, 5.30 pm
    Details to be announced
  • Interiors Event with InUnsion Design and Room & Board: 10/16/2010, 1 – 4 pm
    Details to be announced

Events are subject to change. Please check back.


    Open House Announcement

    August 16th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

    Midwest Home Logo
    Midwest Home is hosting an open house for the Passive House in the Woods on September 18, 2010 from 1 – 4 pm. We welcome you to join the design team and explore this one of a kind home. Please visit the Midwest Home website for more info.


    First Finishes

    August 13th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

    Passive House in the Woods southwest corner

    This week we’ve gotten the first glimpse of the exterior finish. The color changes a bit with the exposure to sunlight, and the finish in the photo is not fully cured, yet. Nonetheless, the color is spot on and works perfectly with the setting as intended. This is an exciting step, as most of the team have gotten very used to the white of the EPS insulation over the last few months. As mentioned earlier, a lot is happening at the house. The next 2-3 weeks are going to present the biggest changes in terms of finishes the house has seen so far.

    Passive House in the Woods front entry canopy


    KSTP Broadcast now online

    August 6th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

    KSTP logo

    Click here to view the Channel 5 TV coverage of the Passive House in the Woods.

    Just to be accurate, the waste-water heat recovery unit in the basement does not heat or cool the home, it pre-warms cold water going into the hot water system to reduce the need for water heating.


    Progress Report

    August 1st, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

    The final weeks of construction lie ahead of the team. The mechanical rough in work is essentially complete and finishes are now being installed.

    On the inside, casein (milk) paint adorns the ceilings, while earthen plaster from American Clay is going on interior walls. Harvested oak from the site has been milled and finished by Wood from the Hood and will find its way back into the house as interior window sills, trim, and stair treads and risers. Cabinets from Partners for Design—manufactured by Crystal Cabinets—are under construction in their woodshops. The interiors were designed in partnership with InUnison Design, who are bringing a wealth of experience and style to this project. We are very excited to see one space after the next receive its final finishes, and the concept of “warm modern” come to life.

    On the outside, the exterior insulation and finish system is being installed, exterior shades are being mounted, and some of the site has been graded. Laurie McRostie is working with Gary to finalize the landscape plan and the exterior steel structure is being prefabricated. The exterior work will eventually change the white styrofoam look that we have gotten so familiar with over the past six months, and give the Passive House in the Woods its final face.

    The team is shooting for substantial completion at the end of the month. August will be an exciting month at the Passive House in the Woods. We plan to open the home up to the public again in September and October. Stay tuned for announcements.

    Passive House in the Woods EIFS

    Layered exterior insulation and finish system

    Passive House in the Woods EIFS at window sills

    EIFS detail at exterior window sill

    Passive House in the Woods backup water heater

    Backup water heater inside closet