Quality Approved Passive House

October 14th, 2010 by Tim Delhey Eian

Passive House in the Woods, Quality Approved Passive House

We received the certificate from PHIUS today. The Passive House in the Woods is now officially a Quality Approved Passive House.

Here is a quick list of it’s key performance data in reference to Passive House limits:

  • Heating Load: 10.6 kWh per m2 living area and year [3.36 kBTU/ft2yr]
    (limit: 15 kWh or 4.75 kBTU); about 30% less than allowed
  • Air Tightness: 0.25 ACH50 in reference to the building’s volume
    (limit: 0.6 ACH50); almost 60% better than allowed
  • Source Energy Consumption: 106 kWh per m2 living area and year [33.6 kBTU/ft2yr]
    (limit: 120 kWh or 38.05 kBTU)*
  • CO2 Emissions: 16.5 kg per m2 living area and year;
    CO2 Emissions avoided with solar PV system: 16.9 kg per m2 living area and year.
    Therefore the building becomes CO2 neutral for operation.

*) The design was made for a 2 person household, which lowers this number to 65 kWh, or 20.6 kBTU

Calculations are based on the Passive House Planning Package 2007 model.