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We are proud to offer innovative building products from Europe that can be used in high-performance and Passivhaus standard buildings constructed right here in North America.

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My name’s Stephan Tanner and I’ve been involved in sustainable design for more than 30 years – in Europe and in North America – as an architect, as an owner, as someone who’s passionate about creating highly efficient buildings.

When you bring such buildings to life – buildings that surpass North American sustainable design standards and achieve world-class certification such as the German PassivHaus Standard – you need certain high-performance products. Since many of these products are not available in the U.S., I’ve received several requests for more information about these superior products and how to purchase them.

That’s why my son Robert and I created Peak Building Products. Contact us today!

Stephan and Robert Tanner


Peak Building Products is supplying and installing a Passive House certified Luefta ventilation system—the heart of the mechanical system at the Passive House in the Woods. In addition, we are supplying Optiwin’s Passive House certified Alu2Wood windows, with glazing units that offer a 64% solar heat gain coefficient. To keep the house cool in the summer, we are shipping Warema exterior venetian blinds, that shade the windows in the summer months and on demand for privacy.


If you’re committed to beautiful, comfortable and uncompromised sustainable design, we’ll help you make it a reality.


Stephan Tanner – Midwest (Headquarter)
Watertown, MN 55388

Robert Tanner – West Coast
Long Beach, CA

Andrew Grisafi – East Coast
Newark, NJ 07028

Ray Whelan – Rocky Mountain
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Felix Schneider – Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska 99511-1853